Learn to Track and Create Higher Conversion Rates with Google Analytics

As AdWords is an expense to advertisers, AdSense is an income to website publishers.  Both parties would find Google Analytics helpful in finding out how advertiser’s and website publisher’s are performing in terms of website traffic.  Google Analytics allows you to learn more about viewers of your website and how they explored your website.  In this way, you are able to improve your website information either by writing better ads to strengthen your marketing strategy of creating higher conversion rates.

Google Analytics is a tool that helps website owners in finding out which keywords attract most desirable prospects.  It also draws information as to which advertising copy pulled the most responses, and what landing pages and content generated money.  Google provides learning guides for website owners on the application of Google Analytics and is available free.  Google Analytics has a Help Center that serves as the learning resource for Google Analytics users.  

The following are topics that Google Analytics Learning Resource or Help Center provides:

1. How to Start Google Analytics-  Includes information guide on Google Analytics, basics knowledge about Google Analytics, Glossary of Terms, Troubleshooting Installation and Tracking Code Installation.
2. Tracking Central-  Includes guides on how to track information downloaded to the website, track e-commerce revenue transaction, domains and directories.  It also provides information on the basics of tracking, ad campaigns and track troubleshooting.
3. Account Administration- It includes discussion on user permissions and other account issues.
4. Common Tasks- Includes goals and funnels, managing profiles, tagging links and filters.
5. AdWords-  Provides guide on how to link Analytics to AdWords, Online campaigns and traditional media campaigns.
6. Reports Central-  Includes the basics in reporting, types of reports, access reports, reports on troubleshooting and data control report.

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