Learning the Concepts of Information System Security

In this age of high technology, every transaction and process that we perform using the computer systems is open and vulnerable to potential attacks by malicious users.  Security is one prominent aspect that a lot of computer enthusiasts and experts are deeply looking at.  When a system is open to potential attacks and is not secure for possible fraudulence, then the system is not worth maintaining. 

Even in the early days, the need to protect any information being passed thru from one point to another that has been exposed from any potential modification and tampering created greater impact.  It is for this reason that even in the early days, government and organizations have been looking for ways on how they can secure the information that they need.

Information Systems Security refers to protecting and securing your information and the system itself for potential malicious access, or unauthorized use, or information destruction and modification.  The term IS Security is correlated to assuring that the system is protected to maintain its confidentiality, relevance – that which remains free from any modification, and in-tact for possible use. 

A lot of institutions are exerting too much effort and money just to make sure that the system that they have remains secure and that all information stored and maintained on it remain in-tact and usable.  Due to the massive and frequent system attacks that have been experienced by many organizations, the security of information systems has greatly evolved and changed.  In the recent years, the security measures being undertaken by each company has grown more powerful and robust. 

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