Let Palm do the Tracking

The growing technology has provided means of tracking,
monitoring and controlling project through the use of a
Palm Operating System.  It is application software that
is so easy to use and makes project management easy
and mobile.  It is a personal digital assistant with a
touch down screen that allows graphic interfacing as

Project management programs for palm allows
project management as to project time and cost
accounting on a Palm environment.  Some of the
Palm program project management includes:

1.  Creation of project plan checklists showing the
     projected and actual competition dates
2.  Assigning notes for each task
3.  Create tasks using the Date Book appointments
4.  Recording of client/customer and contact
5.  Maintain a record lists of personnel involved
     in the project
6.  Assignment of project resources
7.  Allows the tracking down hours of the project,
    data range and resource

So if you want to be on top of the situation on a 24/7
communication, programs for palm are available for
you to use.  It allows you to get in touch with your clients,
their staffs and your staffs and have access to a complete
audit trail of all communications.  The project management
programs for palm provides automatic immediate notice
to concern people when requests are added or changed
either by the customer or your staff. The program palm
has an online data server and payment can be either on
contract or pre-paid.

Get your project moving while you are physically
away.  Keep update on how things are going. 

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