Let the pigeons fly…

Service Transition is where we start to see the fruits of our intellectual labour come to fruition.   Our pigeon service has been carefully designed to ensure that we build to customer’s specifications, including availability, capacity, security, continuity (hmmm… I am seeing a link here back to service strategy and “Value”).


Now let’s see how we transition the pigeons onto our users’ desks:


Change Management

An RFC to build the pigeon carrier service has been submitted to the Change Manager.  Fortunately, all boxes were ticked in initial check, and so has been passed to the CAB.   The Change Manager has asked our Pigeon trainer to be part of the CAB as he can best provide the necessary knowledge to advise if this new service will impact on the current infrastructure.  Surprisingly – there seems to be no potential conflicts, so the go ahead has been given.


Service Asset and configuration Management 

Now here is a conflict.  Decisions have to be made as to what … and what level.. will be CIs.  It has been decided to authorize the cages and make the pigeons an attribute of the cage (main reason being that every time a pigeon flew the coop, an RFC would have to be generated….)


Release and Deployment Management

This is where the fun starts… this is where the acquiring of all pigeons (as per SLR) and the choice of cages occurs.  Close contact with Supplier mgt is crucial here so as to get the best deals and level of service from suppliers.  Once each cage has been built, with each pigeon trained, then these will be stored in the DHS until ready for deployment.  Now – are we going to release the pigeons all at the same time (or is that a dove approach)?  This is also where users will have to be trained in using their pigeon.  Would care and maintenance of their pigeon be the users’ responsibility as well?


Service Validation and testing

Welcome back our Pigeon Trainer.  (even though he was responsible for training, we are going need him to test).  To do this effectively he is going to need the acceptance criteria set out by the customer in Service design.  How many testing pigeons will be required to ensure that the service does meet criteria? – How many versions of pigeons will it take? – and how would one apply a patch? 



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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