Let Your Article be Read on the Information Systems Journal

The Information Systems Journal (ISJ) is an international journal that promotes the study of, interest in information systems.  It is the official journal of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), a professional organization that serves as the premier global organization for academics specializing in Information Systems.

The objective of the ISJ is to provide the basic information and links to, either paper or electronic journal web sites on issues relative to information systems.  Writers are welcome to submit articles on information systems that relate to research, practice, experience current issues and debates. 

The ISJ is published by the Blackwell’s Synergy.  ISJ website does not provide the on-line content of ISJ, however all papers are avaialble at the publisher’s ISJ website in full text. 
The following are some points that you may want to know why you should submit your artcles  to ISJ:
1. It is the premier, predominantly qualitative, information systems journal.
2. It is one of the  6 top journals in the field of  IS, according to the AIS.
3. It grants an  acceptance rate of 12-15% of submissions.
4. It has a 1.543 impact factor.
5.  It is an international journal.
6. It ranked as the top IS journal for its quality of review.
7. It takes an average of 3.4 months for reviews.

So, if you feel that ISJ is the right paper to submit your articles, all you need is to read the Author Guidelines, which is available on the publisher’s website. 

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