Like architecture summit, the enterprise architecture conferences provide great knowledge value for

The beauty of enterprise architecture consulting is that it is a highly customizable process that will allow any client to personalize the way such a system can address its own needs and demands. For enterprise architecture consulting, a four step approach towards process improvement is the most effective way to thoroughly diagnose the primary issues, the system component design and deliver the proper solutions as well as monitor the results in a continuous manner. The first step in enterprise architecture consulting is diagnosis. Here, the consultant will assess the different but interlinked root causes of all the issues that came out in the report of the client. All the findings will be reported back to the organizational level for further recommendations based on data analysis and different types of assessment tools.

The second part in enterprise architecture consulting is the design phase. Now, the objectives that were set during the previous stage will then serve as the guide for developing a robust plan that can address the issues. It will focus of improving the different areas as well as analyze the issues and develop solutions for each area that needs to be improved. The third phase in enterprise architecture consulting is the delivery phase or otherwise known as the implementation phase of everything that was designed in part two. Training will also commence, as well as close communications with the company. And finally, the fourth phase, the monitoring and improvement phase in enterprise architecture will bring about the recommendations and required follow up (usually on an annual basis) to match the client with the changing trends of the industry.

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