List of IT Governance Challenges: A Fact in every thing we do.

There will always be challenges to the way we do things; from the very simple to the most complex.
And upon the emergence of IT as a world partner in business, there comes also the challenges.
Here is a list of IT Governance Challenges:
1. The Programs used does not conform with the requirements of the Business.
2. Business managers tend to use other IT solutions from other Businesses, only to find out that these solutions are not applicable.
3. Some Business managers are putting too much pressure in IT in the belief that new technology would entirely solve their problems.
4. Well, there’s always the existence of a third party, which in this case is always the consumer, but is forgotten by the Business managers and IT executives.
5. And as a result of all these, more and more Business managers tend to stay away from IT, therefore, missing the chance to improve their companies.
As in every challenge, there is always a solution; firstly, the programs must always be created for that specific company’s needs.
Second, the Business managers should not forget the fact that alone, IT cannot take up most of the slack in raising the company, and should be helped.
Third, remember always the consumer, while the fifth, the IT executives must exert more effort in producing programs more efficient, cheaper and adept in responding to the needs of the company.
This is to entice more Business managers to try their time and money in such a good investment called IT.  


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