Low Outsourcing Costs for Providers and Workers Alike

In the opinion of many people who have found outsourcing as another means of earning a living, outsourcing is a win-win situation for both the job seekers and the job providers. This is because thanks to this newfangled way of working, outsourcing costs have been slashed by almost fifty percent for both parties. On the side of the job seekers, a lot of savings can be placed in the bank since they now work on their own time, wherever they want and however they want. With an outsourcing job, it is time to say goodbye to costly business suits and dresses which are required in a regular workplace (say hello to casual jeans and tee in front of the computer), high priced lunches from the business district where your office is located (time to grab lunch out of the refrigerator) and the rising cost of bus fares or gasoline (get to your workplace, your computer, in just a couple of steps).

On the part of the job providers, there are also a good number of savings they can make thanks to low outsourcing costs. For one thing, they will not need to provide their freelancers or contract workers with health care. Health care is really expensive, and this is not a perk which outsource workers get to enjoy especially if they come from another country. The job providers will not need to hire more staff from an entire department, as maybe two or three staffers will be enough for the company to monitor and arrange for the jobs of the outsource workers. And finally, because there is less people working in a physical space, the company will save on building rents because they will not need such a big space to house all the people who work for them.

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