Lucrative Prince2 Beginners Jobs

Prince2 beginners can secure lucrative positions whether in government or private corporations.  The demand for Prince2 practitioners is on the rise and middle level managers should equip themselves with skills and knowledge on the principles and procedures of Prince2 methodology. There are many job opportunities for project managers.  However, some companies require applicants to have a comprehensive grasp of Prince2 principles.  Being an accredited Prince2 practitioner can also give project managers significant edge over their competitors.

Beginner Prince2 practitioners should pursue further training and studies in advanced project management courses.  In a company setting, Prince2 practitioners who are just starting their career as project managers can get positions such as assistant managers or line managers responsible for a specific project structure.

This is a good training ground for new Prince2 practitioners.  The training imparted during certification process can now be applied in a real life situation.  Theoretical knowledge can be tested on different scenarios and the applicability of Prince2 principles could be put into action.

Prince2 beginners can also serve as assistant consultant.  This is good training for project managers who wish to establish their own practice.  More companies are outsourcing their project management tasks to third party consultancy group or to an outside consultant.

After gaining enough experience, Prince2 practitioners can comfortably offer their expert services to several companies.  Project managers with expertise in the Prince2 methodology can command lucrative salaries from companies.  Being an expert in Prince2 increases the chance of project managers to quickly climb the corporate ladder.

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