Mac OS X VMware Features and Functions

VMware is the leader of software industry in terms of virtualized servers and desktops. The new VMware product launched was Mac OS X VMware fusion. It is the virtual machine software that is run by Intel processors. Because of fusion, Intel based Macs are allowed to run X86 and X86-64 guest operating system on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Netware simultaneously with the Mac OS X as host operating system with the use of virtualization, dynamic recompilation, and emulation.

VMware fusion is supported by the advanced and robust virtualization technology of VMware Inc. More over, the virtual machines produced with VMware products run with Intel based Mac OS X VMware similar to non-Mac OS X virtual machines.

The following are the steps in order to install or upgrade the VMware fusion.

First, there should be no running virtual machine. The VMware fusion can be downloaded at its website. The user needs to double click the VMware-Fusion-e.x.p-<xxxxx>.dmg file where the <xxxxx> is a build number used in download release. In the finder window, the VMware fusion volume can be browsed. Then, double click VMware fusion 1.0pkg icon to start on Assistant for installation. The Assistant will provide the instructions for installing the VMware fusion. The user should make sure to follow the instructions carefully. And in the final step of installation, the Assistant will prompt for the serial number.  

One of the most valuable features of VMware fusion is that it provides support and assistance in order to install and run in Mac OS X VMware with ease. For further instructions and uses of VMware fusion features, Help command is provided. 

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