Main Concerns of Corporate Information Systems Planning

As part of the entire science of business planning, information systems planning also observe the same protocols and basic principles.  It involves comprehensive review of the entire information assets of the company.  It also involves accurate determination of IT requirement needs of companies.  If these two basic requisites are met, the planning process would be trouble free and successful. 

It is the responsibility of the information systems manager to prepare all the necessary requirements for a successful IT systems planning.  Specifically, any information systems planning should touch on three distinct areas of concern. 

The first area of concern is about corporate hardware.  Any IT project starts its analysis and determination of needs on the systems requirements that the company possess.  If a new method will be implemented, they should be geared to the existing hardware capabilities of the company.  If a new technology set up will be implemented, the company hardware environment should be assessed so that the needed upgrades can be determined accurately.

The second most important asset that should be the focus of concern is the company software environment.  This includes all applications and business operation procedures that use software.  If a company has an existing enterprise resource planning asset, then it should be thoroughly assessed if the new project will be compatible with the existing software deployment.

Finally, another asset that must be addressed is human resources.  This includes all application programmer, software specialist, technician, and systems engineers.  It should also involve the determination of current capabilities of the company personnel so that proper training can be implemented if ever there is a new IT project that is being planned.

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