Major incidents

For those incidents that result in significant or organization-wide business impact, planning needs to consider how separate procedures should be used with shorter timescales and greater urgency to provide appropriate response and resolution. The first requirement is to define what constitutes a major incident for the organization and customers, with reference to the incident prioritization mechanisms that are used.

The key role of separate major incident procedures is to establish a fast and coordinated response that can manage and resolve the issues at hand. This may require the establishment of a team with the immediate focus of resolving the incident and reducing the associated business impact. The Service Desk maintains responsibility throughout the process so that users are kept fully informed of the incident status and progress for resolution.

Problem Management will typically be involved when major incidents occur, though the focus is not the resolution of the incident. Instead Problem Management seeks to identify the root cause of the incident, how this can be removed and if there are any other areas of the infrastructure where this could occur (e.g. replicated infrastructure across multiple locations).

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