Making a WWW ECM Possible and Efficient

Enterprise content management is quite encompassing in that it does not only concern document management but also collaborative systems, business process management, record management and even web content management.

Enterprise content management is not a closed solution but a growing strategy and vision. What used to be a content management that was more focused on capturing, storing, preserving and delivering information around the company has grown in scope. It also now concerns to information being made available to parties outside the company.

Since companies now have exposure in the World Wide Web ECM should also be able to manage information that is available in company portals. Security and content access authorization is a very important aspect of ECM technologies today. ECM vendors are now providing solutions that answer this need. Solutions will be made available to clients and partners in the future. Instead of having just internal information, much of the information will be delivered outwards through the WWW. ECM vendors then have to provide solution that can better manage the information in the system. While both structured and unstructured information need to be managed, the delivery part is quite crucial.

Since the recipient of the information or the content is not solely within the company, filtration is quite imperative. Content should be classified appropriately and they should only reach people who are supposed to get them. So really, a more efficient ECM solution for this scenario would have content management and security well cemented. This is where the focus of ECM solutions are heading.

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