Making SOA Testing More Efficient and Convenient

Does your IT development team have a problem with SOA testing? SOA stands for
service-oriented architecture, a discipline within IT that requires attaching independent
software programs together into one new unique software system that is geared for a specific
need of your client company. The mere fact that you are linking together different
service-oriented software programs is like asking for trouble already.

How do you know you have a problem with SOA testing then? For starters, your IT specialists
may be creating code just to test the SOA solution code. Maybe the SOA software system they
produced is not even testable. Your Quality Assurance specialists may be finding that they
are using way too much time, energy and skills on test script maintenance and corrections
instead of focusing on SOA testing. Perhaps the quality aspect and the business goals are
found to be incongruent, or that your client company and their end users wind up doing the
preliminary testing themselves. If all these seem to occur in your IT development company,
then you do have a problem with SOA testing then.

To create quality SOA testing solutions, your IT team needs to ask the following questions:
are we missing out on any economic advantages if our SOA testing solutions are of inferior
quality? Why are we finding it hard to test our SOA testing solution? Why is it becoming
pricey to implement? Should other members of the IT department be pulled into the project
so make it more successful? How do we go about producing more value for us and the client
company rather than creating more expenses?

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