Making The Most Of Your IT Governance Structure

With so many companies going IT today, IT governance has become a major priority if a
company wants to achieve its business goals and objectives.  While there are several IT
governance definitions, they all have the same structure of definition.  IT governance is
basically running a well-organized business by professionals who are accountable and
responsible for their actions.  Therefore, the IT governance structure does not gamble
with its investments, it manages them.

In order for a business to succeed, the IT governance structure should be able to integrate
itself perfectly with the overall corporate structure.  This efficient and consistent
integration helps in the overall governance model of the company.  With a proper
integration of the IT governance structure, the quality of the IT function will
consequently be improved and strategically aligned with the business function.

A good IT governance structure will have an IT policy set up by the policy board to
ensure that there is accountability and ownership of IT ventures.  A CIO should be
appointed and be directly responsible for the IT governance structure, design, and
implementation.  The CIO will be have an enterprise level authority and the team
responsible for the investment of technology that is cost-effective, efficient, productive,
strategic, and timely.

A good IT governance structure shall involve senior managers actively participating in
resources allocation, management, implementation and support.  They should also be
consistently reviewing each mechanism of the IT governance structure to check for and
remove non-functioning and ineffective structures.


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