Management IT 101

When we speak about an introduction to Management IT, it is like talking about Management
IQ and EQ as well. IQ because in IT, Management has to have technical expertise for
understanding technologies and what they do. EQ because in IT, Management has to know how
to deal with people enterprise-wide so that everyone will understand even the technical
aspects of the IT organization.

Can an IT organization survive without Management? It might. But perhaps with Management
around, the IT organization will become more effective, efficient and credible at its
function. This is why Management is said to be a discipline all its own, that just happens
to be applied in the IT industry.

Can we say Management is automatically effective if productivity goes up? It depends how
you measure productivity. If productivity is simply churning out more products or carrying
out more services, that may not be the whole picture. Management must also examine: are the
employees happy with their work? Are they comfortable? Or are they getting sick, resulting
in higher levels of absenteeism and more applications for sick leaves and vacation leaves?
As you can see, productivity is not that simple to gauge anymore.

Management IT 101 should always begin with appropriate and thorough planning. It might mean
involving representatives from each department of the IT organization as well in this stage,
so that a holistic and multidisciplinary approach is used. It is said two heads are always
better than one – but it is also said that too many cooks spoil the broth. Good management
means being able to balance inputs from various quarters without sacrificing coherence and

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