Manager of an IT Management Project

Some if not most of the different issues regarding project management always have an impact to the project. This is because of the risk that arises from the uncertainty of the project manager. The success of a project manager depends on how well he focuses on the different risks as the main concern of the project. The success also depends on how significantly he reduced the risk by adhering often to the different policies especially open communication, and making sure that each participant in the project always have the opportunity to voice out or express his opinions and his concerns. This follows that he must be responsible enough to make wise decisions may it be small or large in a way that there will be minimal uncertainty and risk is controlled. The decision made by the manager of the project must directly make an advantage to the project.

To be able to build an efficient team and recruit the right people for the job, it is important that the manager consider the skills including the technical skills of the person and the chemistry between the employees. It is also important to think of all the critical roles the worker will play in the management of the IT management project. It is essential that the project manager have a deep understanding of the IT management project and the different branches of IT management. The success of the project affects greatly the performance of the IT management project manager.

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