Managing Multiple Revisions Using Configuration Management Revision Control System Tools

Have you ever encountered a time during your student life wherein you have submitted a written report to your professor, only to find out that there are a lot of corrections on it? He then advised you to revise it to get a passing mark. Or are you in a middle of a stressful day and your boss went to your office and said I want you to recheck this document and I need it ASAP?? These are indeed situations that most people do not want to be in. Repetition of work is a very daunting task, not to mention the effort that you have to exert and time that you have to work on just to finish a revision of work.

In configuration management, on the other hand, there is a different story behind work revision. It is actually of advantage to make revisions out of an original plan to make some improvements or enhancements to the service being provided or product being worked on. In addition, there may be unexpected circumstances wherein the original program may have bugs on it, causing its inability to operate perfectly. Revisions can then be further studied to check in which part of the CM process caused the bug or error to come out.

Revision control system is the unit responsible for managing multiple revisions of the same data or information. Revision numbers are being used to differentiate the tag of an original program to its different revisions. Configuration management revision control tools can be found in several applications like word processors, spreadsheets and other management systems, depending on the product that the team is currently working on.

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