Managing the UK ECDL: BCS

The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is an internationally recognized IT qualification in Europe.  In the United Kingdom, the ECDL is managed by the British Computer Society (BCS). 

The BCS accredits an individual professional competence and integrity.   They are responsible for awarding those who have qualified for the ECDL certification.  They are the ones who perform audit on test centers. The BCS provides guides to those candidates who intend to take the ECDL exam. It provides an overview of what ECDL is all about, its benefits and the ECDL syllabus.  They also provide readers with a sample test to provide prospective candidates of the ECDL exam an idea of the kind of questions asked during the exam.  The BCS provides a link for candidates to locate the nearest testing center in their area. 

For testing centers, it is the BCS who approves the testing center.  Those who are interested to be an accredited testing center, companies should be able to meet the BCS Qualifications. Audit functions are performed by them, to see to it that test centers conform to the standard procedures.  It is the role of BCS to ensure that these test centers provide candidates a learning place that is free from discrimination or personal harassment, efficient, prompt and friendly service, to take immediate action on complaints addressed, to give attention to appeals made by candidates and prompt action, and investigate malpractices.  The BCS also provides awards to test centers with quality marks for their excellent service.

A certification to be credible and acceptable depends on how the awarding body determine who rightfully deserves.  With the BCS managing the ECDL exam, you can be assured that only the qualified are earning the rewards.

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