Managing Your AdWords Account

In as much as marketing is mostly done over the Internet, the use of AdWords accounts has been predominant.  Advertisers, who find complexity in the building and management of their AdWords accounts, take advantage of search engine marketing agencies and consultants that offer account management as a business service.  

Google has allowed organizations with no advertising expertise to reach a global, online audience.  It has started the Google Advertising Professionals program that certifies agencies and consultants who met the specific qualifications and passed an exam.

These agencies and consultants help advertisers in the management of their website and AdWords account with Google.  Some of their responsibilities include:

1. Working from advertiser’s website pages.
2. Finding keywords that people are looking for and compare from the keywords advertiser’s website are using.
3. Show the monthly estimate as to how many times people are looking at advertiser’s website.
4. Provide an approximate click cost as to how many visitors on advertiser’s website budget will bring each day.
5.  Bring to advertiser’s knowledge keywords that market is “not” interested in.  This is to ensure you only advertise to the right audience.

Other than agencies and consultants offering AdWords management, Google also provides account management software known as AdWords Editor.  AdWords Editor is a free Google application that helps advertisers manage their ad campaigns.  Using your Google AdWords account, you can download the software, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools and then upload your changes to AdWords.

Manage your advertisement campaigns at your own choice.  Concentrate on your business and let Qualified Google Agencies or Consultants do your AdWords management.  Or if you want to do it on your own and save, you may choose AdWords Editor.  

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