MCDST 272 series: Supported by Windows XP application

The MCDST 272 (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) series is basically among the newest development in Windows XP application. Main topics covered in courses of this series include configuring and troubleshooting both connectivity and applications. Similarly, solving usage and configuring application security issues are also covered.

Regular takers of this course series are computer systems and applications experts. They would include anyone planning to prepare for supporting users and troubleshooting desktop application going through the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System MCDST 70-272 exam. On the other hand, it can also be anyone desiring to learn more about troubleshooting applications on Windows XP systems.

Moreover, taking this course series offer the students with 14 identified benefits. These are: 1) an unlimited access for a year; 2) able to learn anytime and anywhere; 3) has control on the pace; 4) able to start and stop wherever desired or necessary; 5) no required books to read; 6) no software required; 7) value packs that include free online technical support service; 8) obtaining a double guarantee; 9) acquiring 100% money back guarantee; 10) requires one time payment only with no monthly fees; 11) able to use the course index for review anytime; 12) able to answer course questions (minimum 70% accuracy), and print own certificates of completion as proof for having mastered each training course; and 13) provides free status reports for company managers’ source.

Lastly, practice tests are provided either regularly or as necessary depending on progress. Students would have been educated and trained on the efficient way of supporting users and troubleshooting desktop applications on a Windows XP operating system MCDST 70 272 exam. And at the course end, successful graduating students will then receive MCDST on Microsoft Windows XP certifications.

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