MCDST Certification: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

MCDST or the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification is a part of the Microsoft Certified Profession program or MCP. MCDST is a certification for IT professionals who specialize on the area of addressing the end user problems pertaining to their desktop use. The MCDST certification is for help desk professionals whose jobs are assisting and supporting Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office users. When these end users come across a problem or if they have a question, these professionals are typically the people they call for assistance.

Having the MCDST certification is a good thing for the IT professionals. It will serve as their badge for skill and qualification. By possessing such certification, an IT professional can show his would-be employer that he can provide their end users the needed desktop support. In effect, it will provide help desk professionals an entry-level credential to show that they have the knowledge and the skills in troubleshooting hardware or software operations and applications.  Anyone who wants to pursue a career in IT support profession should get the MCDST certification.

Since they will not get the certification if they are not equipped with the right skills that help desk technicians, technical support professionals, customer support specialists and PC representatives should have, obtaining the certification will only be for their advantage. They will only validate their skills by passing the exam and getting the certification. If they don’t have that much experience and knowledge, they will actually be harnessing their skills to pass the exams. Either way, it’s going to give them a stepping stone to start a career in the IT support profession.

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