MCDST Certifications: A Sure Career Booster for IT Professionals

Entry level IT professional should get an MCDST certification to further their careers.  MCDST certifications are issued by Microsoft to those who can successfully pass the qualifying exams.  Successful candidates are formally considered as Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) and are entitled to the benefits and bonuses offered by the giant software developer.

To get an MCDST certification, one should undergo trainings and review for basic Windows based applications, programs, and utilities.  These will enhance knowledge in desktop systems such as operating processes, troubleshooting, maintenance, and technical support.  Aside from formal trainings, a candidate must also practice their skills in test taking.  The MCDST exam is composed of two core modules.  The first one is for Windows XP systems support and the other one is for Windows XP applications support.

If a candidate passed both exam modules, a certification will be given by Microsoft.  It is a badge of competence and expertise which can be used to advance to the next certification programs or as additional qualifications for more lucrative jobs.  Companies normally look for IT experts that have professional certifications on their resumes.  An MCDST certification is usually a required certification for those applying as help desk support technician or as technical support experts for company customer services.  Because of their skills and knowledge in Microsoft Windows desktop systems, they can competently provide valuable assistance to the company and to clients. 

That is why it is extremely important for new and experienced help desk professionals to get an MCDST certification in order to boost their career in the IT industry.


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