MCDST: Get Certified and Get Hired!

MCDST stands for Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. When one has the MCDST certification, then he must be skilled in troubleshooting hardware and software operations and applications. What an MCDST credential aims to do is to provide a means for employers to find the right individuals to support their needs in helpdesk support. With the credential as a basis, employers will be able to identify the individuals fit for the job.

On the part of IT managers, this certification would also make their jobs easier. Again with the certification providing a baseline, recruitment for help desk support technician positions would be easier. In cases where IT managers have to outsource such service, they will be able to ensure the quality of the service when they hire a company that only provides them with personnel that have the MCDST credential.

So if a person wants to get his first foot inside the world of IT support profession, getting the MCDST certification should be his first step of action. Of course, this would require an amount of training and preparation on their part. But it will certainly be worth it once they get certified and they get hired for their first job. Not only will they learn a lot from the experience but they will also be allowed to capitalize on their acquired skills as well. They will have better chances of getting hired and they will be able to serve their clients better. An MCDST certification will, in effect, provide them a good start and a career boost to be successful in the IT profession.

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