MCDST Salary: Clarifying Examination Cost and MCDST Salary

Well there are two sets of uncertainty surrounding Microsoft Certified Support Desktop Technician, and these are the cost of the Examination itself, which is a constant question asked, and the salary.
For the cost of the Examination, the Examinees should be very wary of people who might trick them into expecting that it is for free, which it isn’t.
It is definitely not, and just to be sure, they should always remember that the other Microsoft Certification Examinations are priced with the same amount of $125, and changes in are not really expected in the near future.

Now as for the salary, which is basically what most people are after since everyone lives in a practical world, and being one hard Examination to pass, it must certainly result to good salaries.
Well, statistics show that a MCDST earns about $38,000, which is already big when considering the other jobs available.
Now if the length of stay in the company were to be considered, then the aforementioned salary would definitely be higher.
In fact, the same statistics show that if the MCDST has been working for the company for years he could have a salary that ranges in between $40,000 to $43,000, depending on length of stay.

This statistics on MCDST salary also released a study that provides a statistic of salaries depending on the employer and the result are mostly the same with the statistics on length of stay.  
The difference in the salary is not very alarming enough to excite any prospective MCDST to look forward into taking a MCDST’s job fulltime, but the thing to always remember is that the MCDST is a step towards other Microsoft Certifications.

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