MCDST Study Options

If one is dreaming to be a specialist in troubleshooting the different desktop environment issues on Microsoft Windows operating systems, then being an MCDST or Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certified is a great way. However, the road for certification is not that easy. One should take two difficult core exams first before being a certified troubleshooting professional. The good thing here is that there are still ways on how to ensure success during the examination. That is in a form of MCDST study.

For MCDST study, interested individual should focus on the two core exams for the certification. One should learn about the supporting users as well as how to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows XP platform. Studying about how to troubleshoot the desktop applications running on the Windows XP is also needed. But how could a person be able to ensure he could get certified?

A person must have a serious MCDST study which can be made in any form convenient to him. Others do the studying by classroom training which include the Course 2261 and Course 2262. These courses cover the topics on the two core exams. There is also the Microsoft E-Learning. This is just the same with the classroom training, only that the lessons are done through the Internet. Self studying on MCDST is also available through the Microsoft Press Books. These books cover the lessons needed for the examination.

The good side of self studying through books is that one can do it on his free time, unlike the e-learning and classroom trainings which are boxed on the wants of the instructors. But still, one MCDST study option may be advisable to some while it may not be for others.

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