MCDST vs. A+: Which one stands better?

An A+ Certification as we all know is a test that demonstrates the capability and competency of a person being a computer technician. The certification title CompTIA+ is a vendor/manufacturer certification.  The CompTIA+ just like the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification has two sets of examinations to be taken. 

The CompTIA+ or merely the A+ certification requires that the one of the two sets of examinations must be taken along with a free elective that an examinee may wish to take.  There are three elective courses that an A+ examinee can choose from.  Only one must he take.  However, even when the A+ certification is manufacturer-based, it is inclined to be focused on Microsoft Operating Systems.  Apparently, since A+ is not in any a Microsoft affiliate, there are some questions that pertain to Mac Apple platform. Just remember that A+ certification is more focused with Networking, server configuration, Network Security, and may involve other operating systems like Linux and Ubuntu. 

On the other hand, the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification has also two core examinations to be taken. Nonetheless, the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification focuses on Microsoft Operating System and does not have any free elective to choose from as part of the certification examination.  The two core examinations are basically anchored from Microsoft. 

Now, as to the question “Which one stands better?” the answer is neither.  This is so primarily because of the fact that the two certifications are different in many aspects. 
The type of skills that is aimed at is totally different with one another. 

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