MCM, MCP, SiP Not Microsoft?

Microsoft certified professionals or MCPs are a breed apart from the rest because they have the skills, the learnings, and the knowledge needed to design, implement, configure, maintain and troubleshoot Microsoft systems and technologies.  Having an MCP certificate guarantees an individual the status symbol only a select few can have. However, because of the popularity of the MCP acronym, many other MCPs are being confused as part of the Microsoft MCP.  Computer terminologies like Multi Chip Processors (MCP), Multi Chip Modules (MCM), and  the System In-Package have all been confused and sometimes even linked with Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Because of the many advances in technology, multi chip packages or MCP has become a popular name for computers the pack many features, increased performance, and reduced power in a small package.  Another term for the multi chip package is the multi chip module (MCM).  MCMs also contain several bare chips that are sometimes microscopically mounted together to shorten the tracks and increase performance of several computer parts.  The SiP is also an MCP or an MCM but is also a complete system in one small module. 

The Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP is a totally different acronym from the MCP and MCM and SiP of the IT hardware.  While they both are part of the IT industry, the Microsoft MCP is referred to as the certification granted by Microsoft to individuals who have successfully passed the certification exams and therefore possess the skills and knowledge necessary for the proper implementation and configuration of Microsoft technologies and solutions.

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