MCP 841 Protocol Differs From MCP Certification

The Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP is a credential that only a select few can achieve.  With an MCP certificate, companies, employers, and clients are assured of a certified professional to install, configure, implement and maintain their Microsoft products and technologies.  The Microsoft MCP should not be confused with other MCP acronyms like the ones used in the MCP 841 protocol which is a medical term for the treatment of cancer, specifically the acute lymphoblastic leukemia or ALL.

The MCP 841 protocol was specifically developed by scientists for developing countries in collaboration of NCI, Bathesda.  The promising results it got with the tests run in clinical studies made the MCP 841 protocol a very popular acronym.   Unfortunately, the Micrsofot Certified Professional also had an acronym of MCP and therefore, some people get it confused with the MCP 841 protocol.

The Microsoft MCP is a series of exams given by Microsoft affiliated testing centers worldwide.  Any candidate who has passed a single exam, so long as it has not yet been retired by Microsoft, already has the right to earn the title of MCP.  This title is also not applicable to exam number 70-058 which covers only networking essentials.

The MCP 841 protocol differs greatly from the Microsoft MCP and they are not even remotely related to each other.  MCP 841 protocol is used in the medical field while the MCP certificate is used in the IT industry.  All MCP exams by Microsoft is a tool to measure objectively an individuals ability to perform basic and advanced Microsoft operations in multiple platforms.



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