MCP Certifications  A Brief Overview

Calling all graduates of any IT related course – Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology. This is your chance of getting a high paying job.  All you need to do is to pass your preferred MCP exam and get your certification. An MCP certification is indeed crucial for all IT professionals as more and more companies now require this to applicants before they can take a shot on the job position that they wish to apply for.

Certification programs range from Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) to Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). To give you a heads up on what these MCP certifications are, please refer to the brief descriptions below.

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) is the best choice for those who are into formulating information system solutions, and implementing these when required. Candidates can choose from Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, as these are the two product lines available. To pass the Windows 2000 program and get an MCSE license, the candidate needs to take two electives and five exams; four of which are operating system exams, and the other one is a design exam. On the other hand, passing the MSCE NT 4.0 requires two electives plus four Core Exams and these include Networking Essentials, Windows NT Server, Windows NT Server Enterprise, and Windows NT Workstation.

If you are into teaching and conducting trainings, then you can get a certification for Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). These individuals are responsible in delivering training courses to users who would like to obtain one of the many MCP certifications. However, candidates for the MCT certification should have a degree in teaching to qualify for the said program.

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