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Have you heard about the latest buzz that is happening in and around the world of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)? If not, then the is the right web site for you. is an online site that offers daily news and information updates for Microsoft Certified Professionals. It includes career information for IT managers and administrators to get in the loop of all the changes (if there is any) in MCP techniques and procedures. The site also provides a meeting place for Microsoft Certified Professionals through forum discussions, certification matters, Windows implementation issues and reviews of newly released books about MCP.

The MCP Magazines editorial staff is led by Mr. Michael Domingo. There are also a lot of contributing editors, all of which are MCP professionals. The site also has a room for their contributors, which are guided by certain instructions to ensure that all articles have relevance to MCP. Article submission, payment and writing tips are all listed down on the web site as well.

In addition, everyone is welcome to place banner ads on the site. Interested contacts can send an email to for advertising inquiries. To receive a daily email newsletter, a form has to be filled out with personal information specially the email address where newsletters will be sent. The site also has a live chat room where you can experts advice on different issues surrounding MCP. The best part of all, even has its own webcast show. Hear the latest news, exam updates and interviews only on MCP Radio. Surely, the site is the only one-stop shop where you can find almost anything that you need to know about MCP.


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