MCP Training Courses As Brought to You by Microsoft et. al.

If you would like to be a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), where else can you find the most up to date training course available than Microsoft itself. Yes, Microsoft offers a wide variety of modules that will certainly help aspiring MCP wannabes in taking a shot on passing the exam. For more information about the scope of the training course and modules to be discussed, just go to and click on the Microsoft Certifications link.

Aside from Microsoft, there are also other training institutions that offer comprehensive courses to gain the appropriate information and therefore, help prepare candidates when taking MCP certification exams. One of these is CBT Planet. CBT Planet provides effective computer based training programs to enrollees for a reasonable cost. CPT helps students in assessing their readiness in taking the MCP certification by rolling out exam simulations and other hands on activities. To learn more about the training courses that CBT Planet offers, please visit their web site at

CBT Direct is another training institution that promises to offer the most effective and fastest way to pass the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification exam. A combination of instructor-led and computer-based training awaits those who are interested in enrolling any MCP program that they offer. There are also preparatory exam simulations and assessment tests for students. Should you wish to apply on their MCP program, please visit

There are still other training programs available in the web. To check these ones out, just use your favorite search engine to find out which program suits your needs& and your budget as well.


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