MCSE Core Exams: Battling the Meat of MCSE Certification

The MCSE core examinations are probably the most difficult requirements in order to pass both MCSE Windows 2000 and MCSE Windows Server Systems certifications.  The core exam is reputed to give headaches to test-takers but it can be overcome with proper preparation and lots of practical studies.  The MCSE core exams consist of six test requirements focusing on server networking, client operating system, and infrastructure design.  Aside from the core exams, examinees should take one elective exam which also measures the competency of systems engineers in implementing server systems design, networking, messaging and security.  For those with prior certification for MCSE Server 2003 track, Microsoft has provided two upgrade exams which are designed to speed up recertification at a minimum cost.

Difficult as it may seem, the MCSE exams are not insurmountable.  Examinees have two options when preparing for the MCSE exams.  The first method is through individual self study and the other method is through guided trainings and formal study sessions.  Both methods can be effective especially if examinees can take hold of important documents and study references needed for the exam.  Practical applications can also be used as a preparation techniques but this should always be complemented with theoretical input.

If an examinee will undergo self study method, the Microsoft learning center and other resource materials on the web could be very helpful.  There are also downloadable sample test questions which can be used to measure actual exam abilities.  For IT professionals opting for guided exams, they could easily enroll in online or traditional training centers and proceed to take the exams after training.

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