MCSE Cost: Does it Matter?

The minimum MCSE cost could reach up to two thousand dollars if the examinee would spend on additional materials such as books, practice tests, and examination guides.  This amount could be higher if an MCSE candidate will undergo formal training or online MCSE course studies.  On the other hand, if an IT professional would just take the exam without spending on study materials and guides, the minimum MCSE cost of exam would be $875 because it is a 7-exam program and Microsoft charges $125 per exam.  Viewed in monetary value, the MCSE certification exam could be considered expensive.  However, the benefits it could give in terms of career enhancement and the additional expertise companies would enjoy are worth the cost of certification.

The MCSE certification program has definitely raised the standards of IT profession especially in the use of Microsoft platforms and server systems.  It enabled companies to upgrade the skills and technical capabilities of its IT personnel in maintaining their information and technology architecture.  IT professionals on the other hand could benefit from the exclusive perks given to Microsoft Certified Professionals.  MCSE qualified experts can attend conferences sponsored by Microsoft dedicated to systems analysts, engineers, and IT architects.  They also get an exclusive page on the Microsoft network website to showcase their technical expertise and capabilities.

Microsoft Certified Professionals should take note however that their credentials and qualifications need constant upgrades and re-qualification.  This is due to the fact that Microsoft is always upgrading and changing its technologies by rolling out new versions of software.  These upgrades should always be considered in calculating the cost of MCSE certification and exams.

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