MCSE I: Focusing on Intranet and Internet Technology Solutions

The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet (MCSE I) certification is given to IT professionals who are administering corporate systems network and building the intranet and Internet connectivity and security of companies.  The intranet and Internet solutions being deployed and managed by MCSE I specialists use the Microsoft Windows NT platform and Windows Server Systems and technologies.  Through MCSE I, systems engineers, technical analysts and IT consultants are qualified to design and implement technological IT infrastructure with primary focus on intranet and Internet business solutions.  Large corporations and medium industries can benefit from the technical expertise provided by systems engineers having MCSE I credentials.  On the other hand, those who wish to qualify as an MCSE I expert should have a minimum experience of operating and managing a corporate network infrastructure or providing support to it.

As with other MCSE certification, having an MCSE I qualification entails lots of benefits and advantage.  MCSE I IT professionals can attend exclusive Microsoft knowledge seminars, summits, and conferences.  These events could further sharpen the skills and technical abilities of systems engineers.  Technical information and tools can also be made available to certified MCSE I professionals.  This information can certainly help in solving network issues and problems and could also be a source of new ideas and techniques in building corporate IT architecture as well as network security, administration, and management.

Certification for MCSE I can be acquired by taking the exams given by Microsoft.  Those who wish to get MCSE I credentials can choose from different certification exam tracks available on the Microsoft network website.

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