Meet the New Face of the Twitter Website

From time to time, website owners think about how they can effectively re-design and give their websites a new face.  This is done in order to entice people to keep coming back on the website. More often, this move to redesign a website is being attributed to market the website a lot more effective in order to gain more sales and profit.

The Twitter website has just recently undergone a major renovation on its design and content to make sure that it still fits into the demands and needs of the general viewers.  The aesthetic renovation that happened to the Twitter website was directed towards two things – adapting to the modernized needs of the users and to become highly competitive.

One of the bold renovations that happened to the Twitter website is the removal of the very traditional index tabs that are generally seen on a website.  The use of the sidebar instead of the index tabbing on a website is now more being preferred.  This is not because it is the state of the art thing but rather the use of the sidebar gives a more practical use of the website space plus incorporating a whole new look with the website.  

Another prominent adjustment that was made on the new face of the Twitter website is the observed quicker navigations in between links and pages.  This speedier mechanism was brought about by the inclusion of more innovative and advanced codes using the Ajax language – a rather more powerful Javascripting language that is being used to design complex and intricate websites.  

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