Meet the New Generation BPM Tools

In the past, the tools of business process management (or BPM) were utilized solely but now many businesses are considering its integration in SOA environments. This is because the tools and the SOA are actually complimentary; although there is still the challenge of convincing customers that such a merger is mature enough to stand on its own. The challenge, in other words, is to see such a unification of bpm tools and soa as a distinctly different unit compared to the sole bpm tool that the entire business world has known for more than twenty years.

While bpm tools have been around for quite some time, there is still the need to evolve in order to respond to the need of a new generation. Therefore, many management experts have begun developing a new generation of bpm tools that will truly answer the call of business process needs in the present and beyond. The development of these new bpm tools stem from the past mistakes and frustrations previous IT professionals as well as business users have with the old bpm system. Currently, product developers are learning about what truly works and what ought not be included in the new generation of bpm tools. While former bpm tools served as models for business intelligence products and were able to provide fairly good visibility into different kinds of business products, they were not able to give users the direct ability to implement such types of process. The newer range, however, is fully capable of doing just that.

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