Metadata Assistant: When Cleaning Files Is Imperative

Metadata provides great assistance especially in data organization, search and management. It is also as helpful when used in an application to describe its workings. It is even useful in simple applications such as music organization or in tagging for easier searching and retrieval.

However, security is one concern for having metadata embedded with files. Many companies and individuals especially businesses do not necessarily share everything. They want control when it comes to sharing information. They need a way to manage their documents and other files especially those that they need to third parties.

For instance, a company who wants to send a proposal to one company would not want that company to see the kind of proposal they have sent to other companies. When companies share financial reports, they would not want other companies to see more than that the information they are sharing. As much as possible, law firms would also like to manage data sharing whenever they can. They would not, therefore, want to send metadata to other parties.

Fortunately for them, metadata assistant software is now available in the market. A metadata assistant would help the company analyze the amount of metadata written within the file.  Then the company has the option to remove the metadata so they will be able to send clean files.

This software can run as a standalone component. But the company can also run it within Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. The software can analyze an open file and it can also work on a closed one. It can even work on several files by batches. With the metadata assistant, the company would be assured that they are only sharing clean files.

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