Metadata Bridge: Easier Access to Adobe Photoshop Images

There is a software application come bundled with the Adobe Creative Suite which is called the Adobe Bridge. The purpose of this application is to link the different parts of the Adobe Creative Suite using a certain format that is similar to file browser that was once in the previous versions of the Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Bridge can also be found as a stand-alone application in Adobe Photoshop which can perform different processing functions like changing the metadata of Photoshop images. This specific function may be simply referred to as metadata Bridge.

Metadata Bridge becomes possible because of the metadata editor that was incorporated into the Adobe Bridge software application. Through this, the user will not find it difficult to search files in Photoshop even though there is a large collection of files in it. Through the metadata Bridge, the user can personalize his files through editing the metadata of the various images. Editing the metadata can be done through selecting a specific photo and going to the File properties, and then to the camera data and to the IPCT Core. The metadata tab will be seen and there, the user can edit the metadata of the particular image. Once the editing is completed, the user can easily find the picture file through typing the specific keyword in a certain metadata category.

Aside from adding information through the metadata Bridge, the user can also delete some data using the said functionality. A single Photoshop image is usually composed of many different data. To save for some disk space and be acquainted only with the necessary information, the user can delete some metadata categories and have an easier management of his Photoshop images.

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