Metadata Helps Your Web Site Get Notice

Business people use their websites to work for their business.  They need to have a website that can attract new customers and inform them about their products and services.  However, in order to do that is, first they must be able to find the company website.

As customers make inquiry into a search engine web page, they are given a list of vendor websites, which match their inquiry.  Definitely, you would want your company to be on top of the list.  Search engine uses different approach to index websites, but mostly they count on your meta data.  Meta data is information that describes of your entire website.  Your metadata on your web site should contain information, which allows search engines to classify your site properly.  You need to specify the keywords to be used for search engines by using metadata tags. 
There are two things to know when you fill up metadata fields on your website:

1. Entering page description.  This field allows you to describe your website, who is it for and why it might be useful.  It would be better if you can put that all in one sentence.  The information that you entered on this field is what the search engines will retrieve. 
2. Entering the keywords for the page.  The keywords are the words that users enter when they do a search on the text box of the search engine.  If the search engine finds metadata tags that match the keywords as user entered, the search engine will show your site as one of the hits. Keywords to be used must be descriptive and applicable to your site and words which you would expect users to type into a search engine.

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