Metadata Tools: Automating the Process of Metadata Creation

There are different metadata tools that can be used for different media format and for different purposes.  There are tools that generate metadata for documents, photographs, audio and video files, and web pages.  In fact, metadata can be applied on almost any type of electronic media and there are specific tools to create it.  Metadata meanwhile can be used for website optimization and indexing, digital signing, and electronic cataloguing.  Basically, metadata is utilized as an effective information discovery tool.  Through the use of metadata, information search will become easier.

There are also tools that can be used to extract metadata information for a given document or media.  These types of tools can automate metadata generation.  It would be easier then for those who create digital data to create a unique metadata.  This is especially useful for web developers.

There are also tools that can be used to check the structure of metadata.  Usually these tools are designed to parse data and generate an encoded indented text.  Tools that check the correctness of metadata structures can also check if its format and syntax conform to the general standards.  Some very powerful metadata creators can also render extracted data into different platforms such as HTML, Text, DIF, or SGML.

There are tools available in the market that can also check the accuracy of metadata information.  This type of tool can be very useful for generating standards-compliant metadata information.  However, it is still best to manually check the metadata entries and crosscheck its accuracy. 

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