Microsoft CRM: Now More Customizable and More Powerful

While Customer Relationship Management is commonly misinterpreted as the software or the front office applications, CRM is actually the combination of the policies, strategies and philosophies used by a company in every exchange they have with their customers. But true enough, CRM is run by the software that enables the creation of valuable exchanges with customers. These are the front office applications that enable the company to serve their customers better. It is used in making sales, marketing, customer support and business operations. Information is held in a database and it is used for targeting customers for current and future products and services.

While the policies and strategies that govern the CRM efforts of the company are important, choosing the right software to run CRM is very essential. There are several brands in the market today.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. But the primary criterion should be the customizability of the software. Since each enterprise is different from the others, it’s important that the CRM software the company gets can be fitted to serve their own needs.

Microsoft has its own offering of CRM software. Microsoft CRM is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics which is Microsoft’s line of business software. Microsoft CRM has gone through a few updates. One major update was in the Microsoft CRM 3.0 when customization of the software was made easier. With its latest update, Microsoft CRM 4.0 now boasts its more robust and scalable architecture.  Microsoft CRM also now has an improved remote access capability and it now has more powerful tools for importing data.

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