Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: Some recent developments

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 software is an inclusive customer relationship management (CRM) solution that offers a company with several capabilities to acquiring and retaining competitive lead in the current business arena.

Basically, Microsoft puts a significant confidence on customers in directing product evolution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM team spends considerable time and expertise listening to end-users and examining use of CRM solution. Their research resulted to a new Microsoft CRM 4.0 with sizeable features and capabilities, which are as follows.

1. Improved benefits for end-users. Improvements done on user interface make Microsoft CRM 4.0 more user-friendly and completion of tasks by end-users easier. New added tools, features, and other refinements—e.g., AutoComplete, customized Navigation Pane, etc.—offer end-users with various and more advanced options and functionalities. In effect, they happily and more efficiently carry out their work.

2.Working with MS Office Excel with dynamic CRM data connections. This feature enables end-users to use familiar yet sophisticated productivity tools (e.g., Office Excel spreadsheet software). Likewise, it offers some data analysis tools for the company’s existing CRM data.

3.Providing greater support for global business. Specifically, the Microsoft CRM 4.0 client offers an improved support for multiple currencies and languages. This makes multinational use of Microsoft CRM easier and enables various possible transactions documented and kept in localized currencies.

4.Providing adaptable hosting set-ups with multi-tenant installations. While previous CRM version requires a separate server installation for each customer, the new CRM 4.0 is rather built on a multi-tenant architecture. This enables multiple run of CRM on a single server.

5.Improved performance, availability, and scalability. CRM 4.0 enhances CRM database managements to ensure availability CRM data without interruption.

Generally, the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 enables companies function even more efficiently and successfully.

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