Microsoft MCDST: An overview

Anyone who wants a career in IT should at least get a certification in one area to succeed or to make himself more marketable in the IT job market. One of the most popular and sought after group of certifications is the Microsoft Certified Professional program. There are many certifications under this program, each corresponding to a certain specialty and to a specific job.

One of these certifications is the Microsoft MCDST. It is the certification needed by IT professionals who want to specialize in the area of helpdesk support. To get this credential, one must pass two exams namely Exam 70-271 and Exam 70-272. These two exams together test the individual’s ability to provide support and to troubleshoot issues in Windows XP and the applications under it. The Microsoft MCDST certification, in effect, certifies that one has all the skills and knowledge needed to provide daily support to the end users of the company’s system.

This certification is also a great help to companies and IT managers. It provides them a basis of gauging IT professionals’ skills and knowhow. With the Microsoft MCDST certification, they will be able to ensure the quality of helpdesk support in the company. They will have a better way of screening the qualified helpdesk technicians from those who need more training.

On the part of the IT professional, he should get certified if he wants to get hired. He should also try to pass the exam to validate his skills and his knowledge. If he wants to get hired and to be good at his job, he should get MCDST training too.

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