Microsoft ‘s Very Own Balanced Scorecard Framework

Did you know that Microsoft Enterprises also utilize the balanced scorecard in their own operations? This may actually come as no surprise to some since everyone knows that Microsoft is a worldwide operation that will surely need some way of tracking and monitoring their many systems and will only need the best tool that they can use in order to do this. They even have their own balanced scorecard design called the Microsoft BSCF or the Microsoft balanced scorecard framework, which is used to empower the entire organization by using the balanced scorecard to determine the returns on its people, processes and systems, customers and IT or information technology.

The balanced scorecard framework is designed in such a way that is can be used to facilitate the development of a scorecard and deploy it at all the levels as well as phases of the entire Microsoft organization in order to generate the benefits of what is known as early automation minus the risk of attendants. The Microsoft balanced scorecard framework is founded on three underlying concepts, namely the business and technology requirements (where the balanced scorecard must be incorporated throughout the entire organization), the leveraging of existing capabilities as well as technologies (where the balanced scorecard uses the MS software in order to increase adoption and reduce company culture shock), and the necessity of having an open framework (because development tools need to be created so that other who do not have the IT expertise of Microsoft professionals may still be able to use them).

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