Microsoft SaaS  How to Apply for the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp Program

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV) and you are planning to distribute software applications via the internet through Software as a Service (SaaS), then you may want to consider applying for the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp Program. Taking advantage of this program will make it easier for you, as an ISV, to market your own SaaS application. Once you have registered and licensed the software using the Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Program or SPLA, you can then enjoy the such benefits that include the following: (a) Special price offered on Windows and SQL servers for a year; (b) Flexible licensing model without any commitments or upfront software costs: and (c) Access to additional Microsoft technical, development, marketing and testing resources.

But then again, some program requirements need to be completed such as the following: (a) A maximum configuration of eight Windows Server CPUs and two SQL Server CPUs can be licensed at a special rate; (b) ISVs must have their own intellectual property for the SaaS application; (c) ISVs must obtain a signed Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA), which enables ISVs to gain access to a number of Microsoft products and will then be used to provide services and applications to customers; and (d) ISVs must be a Microsoft Partner Program registered member. To register as a member of the Microsoft Partner Program, ISVs must enroll in Microsoft Empower for ISVs. However, it would be best if ISVs must become a Certified or Gold Certified Partner with ISV/Software Solutions Competencies to make the most out of a working relationship with Microsoft.


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