Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects: Valuable Toolkit of the Enterprise Programmer

Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects is a free sub-application of the professional edition Visual Studio Enterprise Architect program.  Microsoft Visio is a powerful enterprise architectural design and building program that has the ability to reverse or forward engineer databases and coding procedures.  It allows the programmer or the enterprise architect to write C# skeletons and to generate codes for VB.NET.  Aside from the programming ability, Visio for Enterprise Architects offers several benefits that are both useful and convenient for the programmer and for enterprises.

Visio is probably the simplest and easiest programming and enterprise design tool available in the market today.  It allows users to work in a familiar Microsoft office environment having the same look and feel of the popular office suite application.  The program comes built-in with pre-set graphing and charting designs needed for the creation of organizational flowcharts, structures, and enterprise-specific diagrams.  The programming application can also generate diagrams with few simple operations through automation of the process.  Different diagram shapes can be chosen from a wide array of template charts.  These diagrams can be automatically converted into actual flowcharts or organizational structure of an enterprise.

Another powerful feature of the program is the ability to smart link the individual diagram to the databases of the company.  A specific box can be linked to a database so that when it is viewed, information pertaining to that part of the diagram can be seen and utilized by the company.  Hot linking of diagrams also involves the ability to generate analytics through interconnectivity of the diagram to analysis reporting software and applications. 

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