Microsofts Approach to SaaS Project Implementation

Microsoft is by far the company to beat when it comes to producing new software applications that the market truly needs. An industry leader in certification programs, operating systems, office software tools and internet products, Microsoft continues to strive to dominate other areas of the IT world. When something becomes a hit, expect that Microsoft will develop its own. One of these innovations is Microsofts version of Software as a Service (SaaS) application, also known as the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp Program.

With a lot of programs developed under its name, Microsoft still aims to cater to all levels of the business. It is a fact that big companies can afford to implement traditional on premise solutions, but for small and mid-sized businesses, this is much of a concern. SaaS is the solution to this, making on demand applications easier to reach on the web at a very affordable price.

Now that the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp Program is here, independent service vendors (ISVs) can now take advantage of obtaining Windows and SQL Server 2005 at a 0 rate for 30 days without any upfront payment. Once applications are up and running, Microsoft will then charge them for a monthly subscription that is usage based, meaning how much will be billed depends on how much is used?

As an ISV, first consider three things if you are interested to apply for the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp program. First, ask yourself Is this the program that I want to pursue on having? Second, Are the benefits that the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp Program provides suit your business? Third, Is it cost-effective? After your assessment, subscribe to the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp program now.

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