MSCE Bootcamp The Pros and Cons of Bootcamping

Do you want to be a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) using the easiest way possible? Well, maybe everyone will say a big YES, considering the fact that there are times you think you studied hard and had sleepless nights of reviewing, only to find out that you failed the exam. Ouch, this is really unfortunate, which also happens to be the reason why a lot of MCSE wannabes are getting into certification boot camps.

A certification boot camp is more like a review center that is focused only on one main goal, which is for participants to pass the certification exam. This usually takes from a week to about a month, wherein candidates undergo intense training each day. There is one obvious advantage and disadvantage for those who resort to boot camping. Apparently, the obvious benefit is that you will pass the exam on the certification proper. This means that you will only have to pay US $125 once. As for the disadvantage, you will only realize it once you already have a job that is if you can even find one. This is because some boot camps focus on mere theories only and not on developing the appropriate skill sets of candidates that they can use in finding a job.

Maybe MCSE certification boot camps are more appropriate for experienced IT professionals who are required to take exams for career advancement. Training on boot camps can definitely help them in revisiting concepts that they may have studied before. As for inexperienced ones, comprehensive classroom training is still the best option. Cramming is never an alternative. If you would like to be an MCSE, plan for it and take necessary actions that will ultimately help you to land a promising job in the future.

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