Music Video Remix with MTV Mashups

Previously, if you want to play music, you need the record tape of the artist. Then these tapes were upgraded to CDs, DVDs and MP3s. And then MTVs came popularly, too. If previously you can just hear the artists sing songs now you can even see them perform while they sing. And what is the latest craze after MTVs? Of course, the very famous MTV Mashups!

Just search on You Tube, and you will return millions of MTV mashups for you to enjoy. If you are one of those persons who still do not know what MTV mashups are all about then probably, you need to know the future of music videos. Mashups are popular with the youth now since these videos are being made with the use of technology where one MTV can be remixed with another music video. In here a music data, video data or even a text data are being mashed together to create an exciting variety of innovative technology, most popular to the young generation. Usually, these data are being sourced from different sites in the Internet and are being manipulated to create a mashup.

Youths now enjoy these MTV mashups because they would actually see two or more artists in just one MTV. And of course, with that they can also experience quality music remix with the technology behind mashups. Mashups are actually the trademark of what they call Web 2.0. They are part of those high level technology brought about by the new web applications.

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